The first and foremost thing that you have to get into your head is this: “Aliens” do not exist. Unidentified flying aircraft may be real. And so-called UFO abductions are based in a covert reality known as MKULTRA mind control. Alex Constantine was the first investigative journalist to uncover this history and to publish the facts in a mainstream journal (High Times).

The entire extra-terrestrial myth was a creation of the Central Intelligence Agency and the international fascist underground. The following paper by Alex Constantine should prove the point beyond doubt. It originally appeared in February, 1996, and has since disappeared from the web until now.

Mind Control and UFOs
By Alex Constantine
Feb. 1996

Author’s Note: The following letter was sent in response to a query from a writer in Austin, Texas concerning UFOs, Area 51 and mind control.

Everyone has their own perspective on UFOs and Area 51 and they cling to it passionately. Those who swallow the “alien” cover story whole loathe the truth, especially those who have made the intelligence-anchored fantasy the core of their personal cosmology. But the truth is brighter than the average disk slipping through the night sky with its running lights blazing.

If you don’t agree with anything I have to say, make it a gentlemen’s debate. Passionate arguments are hard on the digestive system, and I have seen enough to know that “alien” adherents don’t understand electronic mind control at all. If they did, they would give up their childhood dreams.

The organizations turning nonlethals on civilians are totally stripped of conscience. They are capable of anything. The hierarchy that controls them has been in place for some time, but a kind of culmination occurred under Clinton. The most important defense firm at Area 51 is ESL, once run by William Perry, secretary of defense. ESL is part owner of Area 51.

The mind control is central to the function of the disks. They came together after WW II, because Laurence Rockefeller and other national security wigs went to Germany to study the advanced technology at Penemunde, Himmler’s redoubt and the source of the Japanese economic “miracle” – also the R&D center of the disks. Years later, Laurence headed up a UFO study group. Of course, they depended heavily on “aliens.” Of course, Laurence today funds Scott-Jones, et.al.

Once the Pleiadian cover drops away, their greatest fear, out will come the fact that the Nazi scientists used the disks to replace Auschwitz and the other camps, where they once experimented on condemned prisoners. In the U.S. the Paperclip Nazis were given a craft to transplant victims to the lab and a post-hypnotic cover story to replace those invaluable camps. That they pulled it off by making the public believe in aliens is positively amazing. It’s done through repetition. A day doesn’t go by that the media doesn’t stick “aliens” in out faces. They don’t have much to say about mind control, however. Which is really the closely guarded secret?

Classified technology is beyond the imagination of most people. Levitation is old hat. Synthetic telepathy is old hat. When the imaging equipment was used on me, I could remote view nine areas of the world at the same time. Psi-Tech, the firm run by chronic confabulator Ed Dames and that complete psychopath John Alexander, states in the very name of their company how remote viewing really works – with machines. (I’ve been linked to them, so I speak with confidence about all of this.) I’m not speculating. They were developed by scientists hiding behind the “alien” cover.

The mind control arsenal is often used for torture. The world that emerges with it in the wrong hands will be not worth living in.

The list of corporations that have developed the cybernetic devices currently used to track and communicate with abductees en masse is a long one. Raytheon and E-Systems are both involved. Have you seen the article on the many murders at E-Systems? There are many more around the world.

The powers that be will eventually get around to tapping the heads of everyone. The UFOs, which are real enough (I’ve been buzzed by three of them at one time in open country, and I was with a witness), are only one cover story for experimentation. Another is ritual abuse. Another is esp experimentation. Sometimes they don’t worry about a cover. They simply beam your home, torture you until your half-nuts, kill friends, ruin employment, make every day an absolute hell, and when done send the victim off to kill somebody or simply waste him.

So much for the “alien” romance.

Bob Lazar is a Nazi marionette. All of the respected researchers with military intelligence backgrounds are collaborators in torture. That also goes for those who come from defense firms. In Nazi Germany, a quarter of all ruthless experiments on humans were conducted by academics from leading institutions of learning. I haven’t seen any figures for contemporary America, so go conjecture, but many Ph.D.s are steering the public down blind alleys to conceal their own crimes.

As I say, I’ve seen what the technology can do. One by one, the weapons have been used on me. Some are miraculous and do beautiful things. The novelty effects are used to seduce people onto collaborating. It’s a little known fact that there are many more civilian collaborators trained to keep a secret than there are experimental victims. The collaborators are in great number. On this score, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. All I can say is that if you live long enough, you will find out first hand what is afoot.

This thing has gone much farther than most UFO researchers know. The perfect slave state is in the making, and it is evolving rapidly. I’m not a right-winger. I don’t spout nonsense about the UN and gun control and “aliens,” the bunk that is circulated to discredit legitimate researchers. The obfuscations spun by Lazar, Art Bell, Bill Moore and a host of other operatives and militia groups will create enough confusion to cover the last leg of the mind control initiative. And then it will all be in place. This isn’t alarmist paranoia.

If anything I’ve said strikes you as far-fetched, as I say, keep your eyes and ears open. Then we will be in complete agreement. The abductees have glimpsed the future and it’s a horrifying nightmare.

Nonlethals are nothing more than enhancements in the CIA’s technological base of the 1960s. It’s a straight line.

Subjects to research for an understanding of the above: Scientific Applications International Corporation, TRW, Stanford Research Institute, TRW, ESL, Laurence Rockefeller, Operation Paperclip, man-made UFOs, psi research, the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, Mankind Research Unlimited, Dorothy Burdick, abductee case histories, the Aviary, preschool abuse cases (not the debunkers), MK Ultra, man-machine interface, intelligence-cult formations, and anything else you find relevant. It all goes in the same direction – open fascist rule.

Additional information can be found in a scientific/historical paper originally published in High Times. Excerpts follow:

Inventor Viktor Shauberger was imprisoned at a concentration camp during the war and coerced into working on another Nazi saucer project, detailed in a letter from Europe to a friend dated August 2, 1958, shortly before his death. Shauberger wrote that his machine was “flight-tested near Prague” and “attained 15,000 meters in three minutes.” It was “constructed according to a model I built at Mauthausen concentration camp in collaboration with the first-class engineers and stress-analysts assigned to me from the prisoners there.”

His saucer was turtle-shaped, ten feet in diameter, propelled by “implosion” drive, shot off vertically so fast during the test that it collided against the hangar ceiling and exploded. After the war, Shauberger learned from a Czech prisoner under his direction that R&D of the saucer had been revived in the U.S. Shauberger: “An American consortium offered me $3,500,000 to divulge the secret of the UFO to three of their experts. A similar offer was made by Canadian interests.” He demanded that an internationally binding agreement be signed before he meet with the engineers. A contract was drawn up but Shauberger died before the conference could take place…

The results of Nazi medical experimentation on American citizens were predictable. Hunt explains that the direction of Paperclip “was set now that Edgewood had made its pact with the devil. The drug experimentation project quickly expanded to include psychiatric patients who were drugged, shocked and hypnotized in psychochemical experiments conducted under Army contracts with numerous universities and other institutions.”

Short-term memory dissolution proved to be an imperfect science. Abductees often struggle through it to recall details every bit as traumatic as experimentation in the Nazi camps. The 1976 Allagash abductions, for instance, involving four men, all professional artists in their 20s, night-fishing in the wilderness of northern Maine. Two of them were twins (long a fascination of Nazi eugenicists). The UFO approached…. The Allegash Four could remember nothing of the kidnap, but before long the nightmares began. They dreamed of “alien” abductors and invasive surgical procedures. Before long, they recalled hypnotic suggestions to forget the experience, the return to their canoe. One of the men woke up one morning with a tumor on his leg. It was surgically removed and sent to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology for an opinion. Later, the hospital could not explain why the tumor had been sent to a military lab. When the abductee requested his X-rays, the hospital refused to turn them over…

A welter of “experts,” most of them with CIA, military or Nazi roots, cropped up like poison weeds to deflect attention from the black core of the Project. The most prominent was C.G. Jung, founder of analytical psychology. In his book Flying Saucer, published in 1959 by Harcourt, Jung attributed the UFOs to group hallucinations or “visual rumors” akin to visions of the Virgin Mary. Prior to WW II, Jung was the leader of a secret occult lodge that pandered anti-Semitic myths of Aryan supremacy, Thule-style, lavishly funded by Edith Rockefeller McCormick, daughter of John D. Rockefeller and heir to the International Harvester fortune. Jung, who hailed from a family of clergy and believed himself a deity, was president of the General Medical Society for Psychotherapy, an organization that promoted Nazi eugenics policy in its journal Jahrbuch fŸr psychologische und psychopathologische Forschungen, edited by Jung. Richard Noll, a Harvard lecturer, observes that Jung himself has emerged since the war as “a clairvoyant sage, a miracle worker, a god-man who earn[ed] his apotheosis through his encounter with the Dead and with God.” But in The Aryan Christ: The Secret Life of Carl Jung, Noll has only scorn for “the most influential liar of the 20th Century.”

Like Jung, proliferating CIA and military intelligence psyop teams diverted attention from classified air machines and human experimentation conducted by doctors from Dachau on Americans, all with federal sanction…

UFO organizations were to be “infiltrated” by the intelligence sector because they threatened to “influence mass thinking if widespread sightings should occur.”

One of the most respected authors in the field of UFO studies is Jacques Vallee, mathematician, astronomer and protegé of J. Allen Hynek. Vallee has promoted the ET cover story in books released by Regnery Press, a publishing house with numerous ties to extremist right-wing fronts, particularly the Birch Society, and the Central Intelligence Agency. (Regnery is a spin-off of Human Events magazine, an ultra-conservative propaganda sheet sponsored by the CIA. Alfred Regnery, son of the company’s founder, has made generous contributions to Jerry Falwell, anti-feminist Phyllis Schafley, Ed Meese and other spokesmen of the far-right. Among the “conservative” propaganda tracts unleashed upon an unsuspecting world during the Cold War, count William F. Buckley, Jr.’s God and Man at Yale, Whittaker Chambers’ Witness, and Conscience of a Conservative by Barry Goldwater. Ultra-cons on the current Regnery roster: David Horowitz, Dick Armey, Ann Coulter and Gary Bauer, among others.)…

Matter Over Mind

Once upon a time, gray humanoids hurtled across space and time to plant tiny CIA radio receivers in the heads of bipedal guinea pigs. Saucer lore would have us believe that the celebrated “visitors” have implanted thousands, possibly millions of us. If so, itÕs odd that every implant recovered should be composed entirely of terrestrial materials, undermining the theory that the implants are alien. An anonymous scientific “skeptic” on the Internet explains: “Our Sun and its planets formed from a gas cloud whose composition was strongly influenced by an unidentified supernova several billion years ago. Any other planetary system would have a slightly different chemical composition, having formed from another cloud and supernova. Thus, an ‘isotopic abundance’ test could determine whether something is from another star system. All the recovered implants as well as all purported pieces from ‘alien craft’ have tested ‘terrestrial.’ Material which differed from terrestrial ratios would furnish strong proof in favor of its alien origin.”

A terrestrial ratio suggests a human origin. Yet many well-known “experts” still insist that the implants are “alien.” Dr. Terry Johnson, a UFO and paranormal researcher – also a “professional psychic” – in Long Beach, California claims that an abductee endures “hundreds and hundreds of scientific experiments.” The “aliens” and the “rogue humans” who have sold out to them, Dr. Johnson lets on, turn the luckless human subjects into “suicide runners.” “A musical chord,” he says, triggers them to commit violence (resembling for all the world an assassin of the CIA Manchurian Candidate mold), a sound that “has many different levels of information.” (A carrier wave?) Johnson warns that puppet abductees are “walking around in Washington, D.C. and other strategic places around the world” with “alien” chips in their brains “that are also audio/video cameras.”

A more likely explanation would be an implant of the type described by Dr. Stuart Mackay, a mind control scientist at UCLA, in Bio-Medical Telemetry, published in 1968: “Among the many telemetry instruments being used today are miniature radio transmitters that can be swallowed, carried externally or surgically implanted in man or animals.” The transmitter, slipped into the usual body openings, could “sense pH in the stomach, the site of bleeding along the gastrointestinal tract, radiation intensity [and] pressure changes in the bladder due to micturition.” It is hoped, he wrote, “that these few preliminary words will give a feeling for the scope of this activity.”…

An “alien” contactee in southern California informs us that she was subjected to a series of virtual reality episodes preceded in January 2001 by “a beeping sound that began in my left ear.” She was electronically harassed day and night, subjected to sleep deprivation, no longer able to work. “I then experienced something akin to what I had been researching – a mind control program of unknown origin. I heard low chanting in the left hemisphere of my brain and ‘heavenly’ music in my right hemisphere. My heart began behaving abnormally. My digestive system was impacted and I became thinner and thinner. I went to several hospitals trying to discover if assistance could be provided and discovered that the medical community provides no answers or intervention. I was led to believe that there were a group of competing ‘extraterrestrials’ occupying the earth. I would ask all to reconsider what it really means to have ‘alien’ contact.” …


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